The most beautiful interiors from Katrina Antonovich

No matter how rapid the fashion, you can always keep up with new trends, be on the wave of style and surround yourself with beauty and comfort. Fashionable interior today is first and foremost space with a hint of intellectual comfort and aesthetic perfection. The main designer of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design Katrina Antonovich creates fashionable interiors in a variety of stylistic directions. In this version of the bedroom design, the main accent of the style was the classic. The ideal geometry of space is based on a harmonious combination of textures, shades, materials and decor elements. Marble, silk, natural wood, gold and velvet. All these materials acquire a certain individuality in the designer's works, filling with new meanings of beauty. Such graceful moments in the form of accessories, like pillows with embroidery, an original chandelier, a stylish carpet and others determine the character of the interior and make it artistically complete.
 Katrina Antonovich, fashionable interior design
Katrina Antonovich, fashionable interior designKatrina Antonovich, fashionable interior design

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