Lady Peel в Торонто

Lady Peel – частный дом в центральном районе Торонто площадью 280 кв, который принадлежит комедийной актрисе Беатрис Лилли, известной как Леди Пил. Резиденция более чем с вековой историей претерпела ряд изменений, как изнутри, так и снаружи. Перевоплощением дома занималось архитектурное бюро rzlbd. Дизайнеры расширили окна, сняли облицовку, обнажив кирпичную кладку. Викторианский стиль интерьера уступил современному функциональному пространству с открытой планировкой.

Once a dark Victorian home, the Lady Peel House in Toronto is now a bright, modern residence. Atelier rzlbd gave the four story row house a new life with a facelift and a stunning interior retrofit that focuses on local materials and loads of natural light. The home is over a century old, and the renovation respects the surrounding neighborhood while improving the space and quality of the interior.

This home was the original birthplace of comedian and actress, Beatrice Lillie known as Lady Peel, but now serves as a modern, bright and airy home in Toronto. Given a new life, the historic home was remade to have an open floor plan and a more use of

The interior was dramatically altered to eliminate unnecessary elements, improve circulation and flow, and increase the amount of natural light.

The ground floor is occupied by an open floor living, kitchen and dining room, while the second floor has space for the bedrooms and home office with a bridge that crosses over the living room.

A previously uninhabitable attic was converted into the master bedroom complete with an in room bathtub.


Skylights, larger windows and openings allow more daylight to reach into the home and minimize use of artificial lighting. Atelier rzlbd incorporated the use of white finishes and locally-sourced materials.

Original images from the second and third floor.

Images from the ground floor before the renovation.


Images of the basement before the renovation.


Basement and ground floor plans.

Second and third floor levels.

Lady Peel House: Atelier rzlbd Renovates a Dark Victorian into a Bright and Airy Home


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