Bedroom definition architecture by Katrina Antonovich

Always stylish, always exquisite, always luxurious, always original. All the designs of Katrina Antonovich's projects are characterized by a fashionable and comfortable mood. The bedroom of architecture definition Katrina Antonovich is filled with fresh ideas, new ways of using decor and lighting materials. The bedroom is not just for recreation, but a luxurious oasis of happiness and joy. In this bedroom design classically, the style has acquired a fresh breath of modern fashion trends. Traditional canons are an excellent way to reflect respectability and aristocracy. And the uniqueness of the interior reflects the uniqueness of its owner.
Bedroom definition architecture, Katrina AntonovichBedroom definition architecture, Katrina AntonovichBedroom definition architecture, Katrina AntonovichBedroom definition architecture, Katrina Antonovich

Most beautiful houses of Katrina Antonovich

The most beautiful dreams and the most magical tales become a reality in the interiors of children's rooms from Katrina Antonovich. The design of the children's project for two little sisters is filled with luxurious details of the decor, unique in beauty furniture and bright accents of lighting. In a large space interior designer Katrina Antonovich created two comfortable zones for sleeping and playing games. This is a wonderful fairy tale, which parents will present to their children. With the help of such an interior they will be able to express their boundless love and desire to give all the best to children. Katrina Antonovich, preserving the canons of classical style, created a unique interior of the nursery with cute and romantic accents.
 Most beautiful houses, Katrina AntonovichMost beautiful houses, Katrina AntonovichMost beautiful houses, Katrina Antonovich

Индивидуальный проект дома от Елена Антонович

Решение построить свой собственный дом уже само по себе достаточно грандиозно и значительно. То, что это требует самого серьезного подхода и взвешенности, является аксиомой. Свой собственный дом – это олицетворение стабильности и теплоты семейного гнездышка, который неизменно в планах должен радовать теплотой и комфортом не одно поколение семьи. Многие ставят на чашу весов два варианта – индивидуальный проект дома или готовый проект. В чем преимущество именно индивидуального проектирования домов рассказывает руководитель проектов студии Luxury Antonovich Design, Елена Антонович.

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