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A very happy New Year!

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Wishing you and your families good health, happiness, success and prosperity in the coming year!Have a great start to the great year!
On behalf of the Luxury Antonovich Design we congratulate you on the upcoming New Year and Christmas! Accept our most sincere and warm New Year wishes. Let 2018-th year bring you much happiness, health, joy and luck, will be the year of fulfilling your cherished desires and achieving new creative successes!
And Happy Holidays Everyone!

Interior decoration llc Katrina Antonovich

Beautiful interior, as a holiday of life, which is always present in the house. This is the philosophy of the interior designer Katrina Antonovich. In her works there is a real kaleidoscope of styles and unique design solutions. The designer equally beautifully creates both the interiors of private villas and public spaces. Beauty and sophistication, uniqueness and originality, comfort and modern technologies. All these aspects Katrina Antonovich combines in each design project.

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Contemporary design by Katrina Antonovich

Make the right first impression. This is the main task that is worth while creating interior design of the hall. And in this project, interior designer Katrina Antonovich presents the interior of a modern office. An important part of the project was the design of the hall. It is here that customers receive that important information, the subtle hint that the company has a solid status, supports modern technologies and seeks to create comfortable conditions for both its customers and employees. Also here you can appreciate that the company also seeks to natural heat and eco materials. This variant of office design in a modern style has become an ideal solution for the central office of a large company that develops modern equipment.
Katrina Antonovich, interior designer LA, Interior designer LondonKatrina Antonovich, interior designer LA, Interior designer LondonKatrina Antonovich, interior designer LA, Interior designer London

Bright ideas in the interiors of Katrina Antonovich

Bright and unconventional ideas are embodied in their projects by the talented designer Katrina Antonovich. Each new project tells a unique story of happiness and joy. The freshness of ideas fills the atmosphere with novelty and originality. And the ability to combine tradition with the latest technology allows studio designer Luxury Antonovich Design to create absolute comfort for clients with intellectual overtones. Each style in the interiors of Katrina Antonovich acquires a new interpretation and new features.

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New home designs by Katrina Antonovich

The greatness of the royal palaces of Italy, France and England does not cease to attract the attention of fans of the classical style. Many clients of the design studio Laksheri Antonovich Design choose exactly the option of palace luxury in the classical style, to emphasize their life successes, their status and, of course, high taste. Interior of the living room with notes of oriental style reflects modern palace luxury. Interior designer Katrina Antonovich observing all the canons and traditions, leaves room for improvisations and original design ideas. Thus, each interior becomes a unique pearl of design art. The interior of the living room is full of deep meaning.

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Bedroom decoration ideas by Katrina Antonovich

The delicate and refined, cozy and stylish interior of the bedroom was created by designer Katrina Antonovich. The modern style in her works acquires a unique freshness of ideas. Beautiful interior pleases the eye with its aesthetic perfection. The designer successfully improvises with shades, textures and materials. Bedroom decoration ideas by Katrina Antonovich is the creation of a cozy oasis for a luxurious holiday.

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Beautiful houses design of Katrina Antonovich

The ideal interior is filled with a high sense of absolute comfort and beauty. Beautiful houses from interior designer Katrina Antonovich have a unique charm of impeccable harmony in every style. Beautiful decor, the right combination of shades, ergonomic organization of space and the uniqueness of each design idea. This is what makes the handwriting of Katrina Antonovich recognizable all over the world. Her vision of beauty in the interior becomes a reality of a new luxury environment for owners of luxury real estate.

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Best House designs by Katrina Antonovich

The eternal popularity of the classical style will always remain on top, thanks to the profound philosophical meaning that such interiors can convey. One of the new design projects of Katrina Antonovich is dedicated to the wonderful family history from London, which purchased a villa on the oceanfront in Dubai. The desire to transfer the aristocratic and stiff notes of English classics perfectly intertwined with the slight charm of French chic. The project breathes lightness, romance and happy emotions.

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Classic home interior decoration by Katrina Antonovich

Forever popular and fashionable classics in the works of Katrina Antonovich never ceases to please and surprise her with her beauty, novelty and uniqueness. This interior of a luxury villa has become an excellent embodiment of the wishes of its owners. Their main wish was to get the luxury of a palace residence within their home. And with this task designer studio Luxury Antonovich Design coped brilliantly. Respectable house decorated with beautiful ceilings with stucco decoration and gilding, marble floors, luxurious furniture and beautiful curtains.

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Dream interior from Katrina Antonovich

The most daring dreams and beautiful fantasies embody the talented design of interiors from the UAE Katrina Antonovich in her works. A flight of designer fantasy gives the world the beauty of modern luxury and comfort. Improvisations with a palette of shades, the use of the latest technology and creative solutions in every project. All this makes the handwriting of the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design recognizable around the world. Each new design project is a masterpiece of design and architectural creativity.

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Modern luxury in the interiors of Katrina Antonovich

Modern luxury in the interiors of Katrina Antonovich reflects the combination of centuries-old traditions and cutting-edge technologies. The creative ideas of the designer become an opportunity to create unique in beauty interiors, never repeating themselves. Katrina Antonovich has the talent to create new fashion trends in interior design. Her design studio in Dubai offers her clients something more than a design. This is a new philosophy of an ideal space, which repeats the thin strings of the soul of the owners of the house.

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Luxury house decoration by Katrina Antonovich

Perfect beauty and aesthetic perfection of interiors of Katrina Antonovich pleases a sight. The designer does not just create fashionable and luxurious interiors, but sets the beginning of creating new fashion trends. In the works of Katrina Antonovich styles are intertwined, different materials are combined, and the latest technologies are reflected. Absolute comfort with intellectual overtones is closely connected with beauty and uniqueness.

Luxury house decoration, Katrina AntonovichLuxury house decoration, Katrina AntonovichLuxury house decoration, Katrina Antonovich

The brilliance of luxury in the interiors of Katrina Antonovich

A pure radiance of beauty and luxurious mood is present in every interior of Katrina Antonovich. The designer has his own special handwriting in the work. And this handwriting is recognizable all over the world. Elite residences in Dubai, Abu Dhabi decorate the interiors of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design. Each project has a bright personality and is a repetition of the strings of the soul of the owners of houses. The modern classic style of the designer masterly combines with the oriental culture. As a result, unique in beauty masterpieces of design art.

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Architectural design UAE of Katrina Antonovich

Architectural design of an elite residence from the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design under the leadership of Katrina Antonovich are the best solutions. The combination of cultural traditions and modern technologies gives each project the effect of novelty and maximum comfort. Exterior houses decorate cities and countries. And behind the beautiful facades are hidden no less luxurious and cozy interiors. Architectural design from Katrina Antonovich is a great way to become the owner of a real masterpiece of architecture.

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Beautiful house designs by Katrina Antonovich

Dreams of a beautiful home are becoming a wonderful reality when the interior is created by a talented designer from Dubai Katrina Antonovich. Multifaceted solutions, a combination of traditions and innovations and the absolute uniqueness of each idea. This helps create true masterpieces for a comfortable and luxurious life. In this interior of the bedroom designer Katrina Antonovich combines classic style and art deco. Cozy mood with romantic accents gives the interior of the bedroom a special chic and gloss.

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