Fashionable interior of 2019 by Katrina Antonovich

Fashion is rather fleeting, even if it concerns not only clothing, but also interior design. The first half of the year 2018 is coming to an end and fashion trends of 2019 are beginning to form now. At the stage of ideas of designers, sketches and sketches, new fashion trends are emerging. First of all, three main stylistic trends emerge. This is a classic style, modern classic and modern style. At what each of these directions is very many-sided. For example, the classic in modern interpretation is often supplemented by accents of such narrow styles as Baroque and Rococo. Modern classics are friendly to the accents of art deco. And modern style is filled with moments of extravagance and exclusive solutions of designers. So what awaits us next year? Fashionable interior of 2019, what will it look like? Uniquely in the fashion will be more and more natural materials. Silk, wood, marble. The same trend will apply to color. More natural naturalness. But at the same time, thanks to modern technologies, all these materials will acquire original forms and textures. Ahead of us there are many interesting discoveries, many new opportunities for creating cozy and comfortable interiors. The era is approaching when the interior will be like the fingerprint of its owner. Unique and exclusive.
Katrina Antonovich, Fashionable interior of 2019Katrina Antonovich, Fashionable interior of 2019Katrina Antonovich, Fashionable interior of 2019

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