Interior design Masterpieces from Katrina Antonovich

The main designer of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design Katrina Antonovich again and again creates fascinating stories of beautiful interiors. In the new design of the house a soft plume of art deco accompanies the motifs of modern classics. A house that you always want to return to. A house in which everything obeys your comfort. A house in which it is always cozy. A house in which the warmth of the soul and happiness is filled with every corner. How do you see the interior of this house? What first looms in your dreams? Perhaps the first moment in your fantasies is a chair by the fireplace, and maybe a large bathroom with a window or a large bed with a high soft headboard. Surely you immediately see all this in some specific color. All these nuances, dreams and fantasies are always the starting point for the designer to create your ideal space. You are the main character of every interior story.
Katrina Antonovich, villa design, house design
Katrina Antonovich, villa design, house design

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