Beautiful interiors of restaurants from Katrina Antonovich

The restaurant has long become not just a place for celebration and eating. Today, this is practically a sacred place, in which life rages, in which important issues are discussed, in which the most important events in life are celebrated. Today, designers and architects design the restaurant to the rank of art. In the works of the main designer of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design Katrina Antonovich, the interior of the restaurant becomes a bright accent, which affects the mood of the overall design concept. One of the examples of elegant solutions is the new restaurant design in Florida. Bright style, fashionable design, unique concept. All these moments Katrina Antonovich reflected in the festive and enchanting interior of the restaurant.
Beautiful interiors of restaurants, Katrina Antonovich
Beautiful interiors of restaurants, Katrina AntonovichBeautiful interiors of restaurants, Katrina Antonovich

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