Amazing interior design for kids by Katrina Antonovich

Amazing interior design for kids by Katrina Antonovich is filled with fresh ideas and warmth of love. The interiors of the children's rooms become a real fairy tale oasis. The designer creates an environment for a happy journey into adulthood, surrounded by comfort and beauty. Each design of the project of a children's room from Katrina Antonovich is a unique story of absolute happiness. With the help of textures, shades and materials, a talented designer creates an ideal living environment for the child. Happiness is absolute and unlimited. And the proof of this is the beautiful interiors of children's rooms from Luxury Antonovich Design.

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Contemporary home design by Katrina Antonovich

Contemporary comfort is based on new technologies and possibilities for processing materials. The interior design of the bedroom from Katrina Antonovich reflects a new motif of modern style. Very effective in this interior is an accent wall made of agate. A range of light mint colors fills the room with a gentle coolness and a sense of calmness. Each interior from Katrina Antonovich becomes a unique pearl of design art.

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Architectural designs for homes by Katrina Antonovich

Architectural design from the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design is the creation of unique beauty projects. The main designer and founder of the company Katrina Antonovich combines creative ideas, proven canons and modern technologies. As a result, unique in beauty interiors and exteriors. And the clients of the design studio get absolute comfort and their ideal habitat. In the fashionable interiors of 2018, materials such as glass, brass and natural marble will be relevant.

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Fashionable design 2018 by Katrina Antonovich

Modern style acquires ever deeper and interesting notes, thanks to modern technologies and creative solutions of interior designer Katrina Antonovich. To visually increase the height of ceilings, the author of the project improvises with shades, textures, lighting and decor elements. Geometric ornaments became the basis of an exquisite image of the interior. In the interior of the living room there is an accent wall, decorated with an unusual decor panel of mirrors, and brass. Thin bands make it higher and enhance the brilliance of the beauty of this cozy interior. Fashionable design of the living room 2018 from Katrina Antonovich reflects the current trends in the decor, the palette of shades and interior lighting.
Fashionable design living room 2018, Katrina AntonovichFashionable design living room 2018, Katrina AntonovichFashionable design living room 2018, Katrina Antonovich

Interior design house ideas by Katrina Antonovich

The ideal home is the repetition of the strings of the soul. A subtle understanding of harmony, knowledge of the possibilities of modern technologies and the genius of design ideas help Katrina Antonovich create unique projects of her beauty every time. Luxury is combined with intellectual comfort, and fashion trends become the eternal canons of beauty. The freshness of ideas impresses with its  impeccability. Each project is filled with a deep philosophical sense, which reflects the happiness of owning your ideal home.

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Office design concepts by Katrina Antonovich

The modern design of the office that Katrina Antonovich offers is based on a combination of creative design ideas and modern technologies. The concept of the interior of the office reflects the desire of the company to provide the highest level of services. The interior designer creates a space in which will be comfortable both for the employees of the company and for the customers. Modern style is an excellent way to express the desire of the company's management to everything new and promising. Office design concepts by Katrina Antonovich is a look into the future for the design of the workspace.

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Amazing interior design by Katrina Antonovich

Beauty, which consists in absolute harmony of a combination of shades, textures and materials. A cozy mood, which is based on the repetition of the strings of the soul of the owner of the room. All these moments, the interior designer Katrina Antonovich embodies in their projects. Her ability to feel the mood and perception of the life of each customer is the basis of the uniqueness of the projects. Impeccable sense of taste and experience in the design of elite real estate attracts to the designer the most demanding connoisseurs of beauty from around the world. This bedroom interior became the embodiment of romantic lightness and happy emotions.

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The philosophy of exclusive luxury from Katrina Antonovich

The company Luxury Antonovich Design is always on the crest of a fashionable wave in all areas related to interior design. Designer Katrina Antonovich pays close attention to small things to get the result of true perfection. The interior design of the bathroom is quite consistent with the status of palace luxury. A beautiful staircase with a balustrade, luxurious curtains, high-end materials and a pleasant palette of shades. All this is the image of a unified picture of the unsurpassed beauty of the interior.

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Perfect comfort in interiors Katrina Antonovich

The house, which envelops the warmth of home comfort, becomes a comfortable shell and a source of pleasant emotions. This is the meaning of the interior designer Katrina Antonovich in her projects. Each room has its own special purpose. The bathroom interior is designed to devote time exclusively to yourself and your body. This magical moment will be filled with sensual charm, if the bathroom is decorated correctly and stylishly. Each interior of Katrina Antonovich is unique. And this modern bathroom has become the pearl of the interior of a beautiful villa on the oceanfront in Los Angeles.

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Virtuoso architectural projects from Katrina Antonovich

A virtuoso, a professional, a true talent and a woman who devoted his life to his beloved work. It's all about the unrivaled designer and architect Katrina Antonovich. Her fine taste, attention to detail and the ability to create unique solutions every time help to create real masterpieces of design and architecture. This project of the residence is imbued with the spirit of eternal beauty, classics and aristocracy. Today the history of architecture is replenished with a new masterpiece.
 Katrina Antonovich, Luxury Antonovich Design, best architectKatrina Antonovich, Luxury Antonovich Design, best architectKatrina Antonovich, Luxury Antonovich Design, best architect

Bungalow style in Architectural by Katrina Antonovich

Modern architecture, created by Katrina Antonovich, is filled with a deep sense of perfection and harmony. The architectural style of the bungalow becomes a way to connect the exterior design and the surrounding landscape. Beautiful facade, textured materials, the perfect combination of all architectural elements and the thoughtfulness of every detail. All these moments, the architect Katrina Antonovich unites in new projects.
 Bungalow style in Architectural,  Katrina Antonovich

Bungalow style in Architectural,  Katrina AntonovichBungalow style in Architectural,  Katrina Antonovich

HAPPY NEW YEAR! With best wishes from Katrina Antonovich and Luxury Antonovich Design !

Our dear friends!
A very happy New Year!

Katrina Antonovich, top 10 interior design uae, Luxury Antonovich Design
Wishing you and your families good health, happiness, success and prosperity in the coming year!Have a great start to the great year!
On behalf of the Luxury Antonovich Design we congratulate you on the upcoming New Year and Christmas! Accept our most sincere and warm New Year wishes. Let 2018-th year bring you much happiness, health, joy and luck, will be the year of fulfilling your cherished desires and achieving new creative successes!
And Happy Holidays Everyone!

Interior decoration llc Katrina Antonovich

Beautiful interior, as a holiday of life, which is always present in the house. This is the philosophy of the interior designer Katrina Antonovich. In her works there is a real kaleidoscope of styles and unique design solutions. The designer equally beautifully creates both the interiors of private villas and public spaces. Beauty and sophistication, uniqueness and originality, comfort and modern technologies. All these aspects Katrina Antonovich combines in each design project.

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Contemporary design by Katrina Antonovich

Make the right first impression. This is the main task that is worth while creating interior design of the hall. And in this project, interior designer Katrina Antonovich presents the interior of a modern office. An important part of the project was the design of the hall. It is here that customers receive that important information, the subtle hint that the company has a solid status, supports modern technologies and seeks to create comfortable conditions for both its customers and employees. Also here you can appreciate that the company also seeks to natural heat and eco materials. This variant of office design in a modern style has become an ideal solution for the central office of a large company that develops modern equipment.
Katrina Antonovich, interior designer LA, Interior designer LondonKatrina Antonovich, interior designer LA, Interior designer LondonKatrina Antonovich, interior designer LA, Interior designer London